Our account management company, Prime Alliance Group. offers a promising solution to homeowners at risk of losing their homes. We help homeowners negotiate better rates with their lenders to avoid drastic measures such as foreclosure.

Our process begins with a consultation in which our account managers will review the borrower's financial situation and history, request supporting documents, and will work out a customized strategic plan. Our team then sends the application to the lender and begins negotiations.

Our team consists of experienced negotiators, mortgage and real estate professionals, and hardship analysts, all of whom ensure full representation for homeowners in financial trouble.

Prime Alliance Group takes pride in our aggressive yet measured approach to the account management process. All clients are fully informed of their options, and are guided through the application from start to finish. Unlike others, Prime Alliance Group will keep negotiating until lenders make a reasonable offer. Our team has successfully negotiated interest rates to as low as 1.0%, and can prevent foreclosures even after the homeowner has received their notice of sale.

Prime Alliance Group has a clear head start and remains one of the most ethical and reliable account management companies in the Northeast region

To set up a consultation, please click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage to submit a request form and one of our Account Managers will be in touch with you momentarily.

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